Announcing our Inaugural Fellowship Class

FWB is proud to introduce its inaugural Fellowship Class to the world. True to our vision of building a program to help onboard underserved and/or underrepresented creatives into Web3, we're excited to present an impressive group who will join FWB during Season 5 as Fellows. Our 40 inaugural Fellows represent 22 different cities ranging from New York to Nairobi, Salt Lake City to Singapore. They include musicians, poets, product designers, scientists, and community organizers. We're aware that crypto and Web3 appear to be a monolithic boys' club, and we do not intend to perpetuate the status quo. At a glance, our inaugural 40 Fellows include 31 poc, 27 representing the LGBTQIA+ community; only 25% of Fellows identify as cis men. Fellowships' mandate is to amplify their voices and help give them a platform to share their talents while enriching the existing FWB community.

Go deeper and Meet The Fellows

We know that making the jump from Web2 →Web3 can be daunting and inaccessible at times. Therefore, Fellows will be joining with a primary objective of either i) launching their own web3 native project or ii) contributing to the FWB team (through direct support, events etc). For those who choose the creative component, we will showcase their talents via the FWB Fellowship Collection upon the season's conclusion. Our Fellowship team and assigned Guides will directly support Fellows toward these goals via our Speaker Series and Office Hours curriculum, covering topics from NFT drops, to social tokens, to building in the Metaverse. Speakers include: Latashá (Zoratopia), Aaron McDonald (Fluf World), All Seeing Seneca (lead artist BAYC) and Trevor McFedries (Brud, Dapper Collectives), and representatives from Foundation, Mirror and Rally.

During S5, Fellows will have access to the full suite of membership services, events and experiences at FWB. At the end of S5, per their completion of the curriculum and meeting program objectives, we will grant full membership to each Fellow (via an $FWB token grant), welcoming them formally into the FWB family.

We're excited to see the relationships already starting to form and the value that Fellows have already brought to the community. Our shared mission is to help them to learn, participate and contribute within our community: they are the future of FWB. We will continue to learn and improve this program together and hope to introduce many more Fellowship classes in the months to come.

- Pat Lok & FWB Fellowships Team

Interested in becoming a Fellow in the future? Drop us a line at Are you a FWB member looking to uplift our Fellows? We are always in need of Guides (think mentors but cooler) and Benefactors (donate your $FWB to support Fellowships). Reach out via email or Discord!