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FWB is a group of Web3-focused thinkers, builders, creators, and friends. We convene on Discord and IRL to collaborate, scheme, and share visions for the future. As a close-knit community, everything we do is driven by what excites and motivates our members.

FWB welcomes new additions by application. Want to join us? Apply here. If accepted, you can become a Global Member by purchasing 75 $FWB tokens, or a Local Member by purchasing 5 $FWB tokens.

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Membership FAQs

What is FWB?

Friends With Benefits is a growing social DAO with more than 3,000 engaged members. Collectively, we aim to catalyze the power of Web3 as a cultural phenomenon. Since our inception in 2020, FWB has become a model for how a DAO can produce a diverse array of events, collaborations, and products that serve our community's needs while simultaneously adding value to the $FWB token.

What do I get as a member?

Members can participate in our Discord community, attend digital and IRL events, and co-create the DAO's future with us. While there are different levels of token-gated membership, only Global Membership grants you unrestricted access to our Discord, events, and content.



Be a part of the entire FWB ecosystem with access to all Discord channels and content, invitations to events, early peeks at new FWB products and drops, and voting rights within the DAO.



Get access to our newsletters, a selection of Local Events, and city-focused Discord channels.

How are new members approved?

Applications to join FWB are reviewed on a rolling basis by a committee of current members. We're on the lookout for folks who will bring their unique perspectives and approaches to our community and push the DAO's culture forward. If approved, you will receive a welcome email with instructions for how to purchase $FWB tokens and officially join as a member.

What are $FWB tokens?

$FWB is a cryptocurrency that's tied to the Friends With Benefits DAO. Having our own tokens enables us to incentivize community participation and generate value collectively. While $FWB tokens can be purchased in any amount by anyone, and everyone who holds $FWB can have a voice in the DAO's governance, only official FWB members can earn $FWB as a reward for participation. This is a way of bolstering the value we provide to each other as an engaged and close-knit community.