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Friends With Benefits

Friends with Benefits is the ultimate cultural membership powered by a community of our favorite Web3 artists, operators, and thinkers bound together by shared values and shared incentives ($FWB).

To join FWB, you must hold $FWB cryptocurrency tokens. This means that everyone in the community is literally invested in the community’s success and gets to participate in the upside of the value we create together.

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75 $FWB

HQ to the FWB community, and base camp to the artists, thinkers, and creators who are leading the Web3 transformation. From #trading-crypto and #nft-learning to #music-production and city channels, there is a home for everyone.

1 $FWB

The definitive voice on how Web3 is intersecting with the creative class. Covering weekly news, underground insights, and hot takes from within the community.

5 $FWB

A global roster of token-gated events just for the FWB community. From afterparties at ETH.CC to local city meetups, this community has serious URL and IRL benefits.

5 $FWB

Connect with FWB members in your city. From dinner parties and park takeovers to cafe co-working and movie nights, FWB will show you a new side to your city.


FWB's very own live auction platform curated by the community, for the community.


A realtime dashboard for the FWB DAO


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