FWB is a network of collaborators. It’s a community of communities. Home to many subcultures, FWB exists as an ecosystem of symbiotic relationships, a decentralized creative studio, and a never-ending group chat. Most of all, it’s an evolving experiment.

At our core, we are a growing social DAO with more than 3,000 members—including artists, builders, and thinkers from across the crypto and cultural sectors. Collectively, we aim to catalyze the power of Web3 as a tool for creating and making things happen.

Since our inception in 2020, FWB has become a model for how a DAO can produce a diverse array of events, collaborations, and products that serve our community's needs while pushing culture forward.


$FWB is a cryptocurrency that's tied to the Friends With Benefits DAO. Having our own token enables us to incentivize community participation and generate value collectively. All members hold $FWB, ensuring a mutual commitment to our projects and to each other. When we all contribute to the success of the group’s initiatives, we all benefit—and all boats rise with the tide.

While $FWB tokens can be purchased in any amount by anyone, only official FWB members can earn $FWB as a reward for participation. This is a way of bolstering the value we provide to each other as an engaged and close-knit community.

Our Vision

We believe that Web3 has the potential to empower creators, connect individuals with global communities, and distribute knowledge and shared resources. Through our collective efforts, we hope to shape a future in which technology acts as a communal connective tissue. The tools to make this world a reality are finally here, and we’re excited to use them to create more fluidity, transparency, and resiliency in how we think and work together.

We welcome new members by application. If you share our vision, we invite you to join us.