Fellows 1.0

As part of the inaugural FWB Fellowship, each Fellow undertook a web3 native project of their own choosing, illustrating their creative, analytical and community-focused perspectives and talents: we give you the Fellowships 1.0 Collection.

"A new style for me. ""They Say That The Best Blaze Burns The Brightest When Circumstances Are At Their Worst."" - Howl's Moving Castle"
Camille Nibungco
Assorted Ephemera 002 is the next installment of work based on landscape sounds sampled from the Pacific Northwest area. It's a contrast from their previous release based on cityscapes.
"Didn't I" is the first of 3 full music videos from my latest project, "Our Father." As I used this piece to reintroduce the next phase of my musical art to the world, I'd love to continue that story in web 3 as I introduce myself to a new community and (hopefully) expand my musical and visual experiences to new audiences.
Jason Valerio pka Trackademicks
For the Fellowship project, I’m going to tokenize a cassette single representing the sixth installment of my mixtape series, The [Re]Mixtape Vol. 6. There will be two (2) NFT editions available, representing the A and B sides of the cassingle, each with 25 available. In addition to receiving the video artwork, exclusive audio of the unreleased mixtape, and individual remix tracks through a token-gated link, holders of the NFT will receive free access to a listening party TBD.
KnownforStudio aka Jordan Lister
A message capsule for humanity. No matter how may times you spin it, the results are the same. A reflection of the basic fundamentals for cohabitating on this earth together.
Lien Do
never again is an experimental blend of self-administered guided therapy based on Emdr, sympathetic resonance, and breathing techniques in relation to traumatic experiences and lack of resources. What does it mean to be able to truly self care when you don’t have access to resources? This idea was put into the spotlight when Covid hit and created a global traumatic experience in which people from all different backgrounds were force to process reality. What does it actually mean to process trauma, grow, and transition in relation to being isolated (finances, socially, culturally, mentally). Video is a loop.
Matt FX
For the last six years, Matt FX has been workshopping a very special fried chicken sandwich recipe. Since 2020 it has been available through DUBPLATE NYC, a small batch test kitchen doing periodic popups and delivery drops out of Brooklyn, NYC. Matt will be minting original photography of the sandwich as an NFT with two layers of utility, including the secret recipe. Holder will be entitled to 1. A private dinner for up to 8 guests at the location of their choice (travel costs not included!) 2. A pair of free sandwiches at any DUBPLATE event in perpetuity. 3. A private 1x1 cooking class from Matt where he will teach the basics of frying chicken + building one's own signature recipe, alongside revealing tips, tricks, and secrets of the trade. Upon burning the token, holder will receive the actual written recipe of Matt's signature sandwich. The Recipe will not be shared otherwise.
A Gas Station in North America. Shot on 120mm Film.
Tara Rose Morris
HOUSE PARTY celebrates the joy of sharing physical and virtual space with our collaborators as we dance through Web3. Each individual featured in this piece is a multi-hyphenate creative/visionary/world builder navigating the complex landscape of internet nouveau. As we ground ourselves in both our individuality and in our interdependence, we collectively align our vibrations through movement on a shared path forward. What moves you? What moves are you making? Who are you moving with?
Alex Purdy
This is a song that I produced for my upcoming first album titled Preseason Training. The collector of this song gets a private link to the entire Preseason Training album as it stands. This link will continue to be updated as songs are finished. Thank you SO MUCH, Friends With Benefits, for such a wonderful fellowship program!!
Clear Mortifee
"Prophecy of the Morning Dew is my favourite sonic channeling to date. I open every set with it…it just sets the tone. It’s my most popular independent release, as well as top pick amongst my dearest friends. This is why I have chosen it as my genesis. This song speaks to my infatuation with being immersed in nature, bathing in breaths of the greenest of leaves. It invites the listener to breathe deep as ancient trees, and to fulfill this Prophecy. Perhaps if you go out into nature, and listen, the Prophecy will reveal itself through you, too."
Izzy B
Mutual aid and collective organizing have been a huge part of my music-making experience and education, especially in NYC. I continue to be inspired by people and places that center community, share resources, and invite creativity and joy into challenging work. For this release of "up to you", I will donate 20% of the auction to Synth Library NYC. They are a lending library of synthesizers, recording equipment, and modular gear and prioritize access to those who have been traditionally marginalized from the fields of music production or have faced long-standing economic inequities.
I originally wanted to do something much different for my Fellowship project, then about four weeks in to this program, my mother passed away. I've been pretty overwhelmed with grief and drained mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I'm currently in a period of rebuilding my whole life—trying to get in touch with myself again by allowing myself space to heal, to grow, to play, to remember who I am, and to try experience joy again. I've dedicated my life to music as a DJ, label owner, promoter and event producer, but have never released any music of my own. This NFT is a reminder to myself to be fearless and accepting of whatever life has in store for me, knowing that I can make it through anything—even my worst fears coming true.
Little Boots aka Victoria Hesketh
Silver Balloons' is the first single from my new album 'Tomorrow's Yesterdays'.
Marco Roso (DIS)
The relative time to: Become a fossil. Form a pebble. Or die. Death Clock is a serial NFT project and reminder that time is not on our side. Time is what you make of it. Your age, gender, screen time, become an expiration date. Measured on the blockchain and counting down to 0, your personal Death Clock NFT estimates how much time you have left on Earth and stores the date and time of death on-chain. Death Clock NFTs can be bought and sold, but with each transfer time is recalibrated. Your clock is your clock only, but can be reborn.
Mec Zilla
ROAD DRIP$ is an ongoing self-portrait series taken across several solo road trips, dating back to October 2019. 100% of sales will go directly to the costs associated to attending conferences and events where I advocate for my work, as too often, opportunities to speak are presented with little to no means to cover travel, accommodations, production or time.
Sha Li
Despite the fact that crypto communities have active Discord channels, it is difficult to establish a direct relationship with someone in the community chat. Soul Star addresses this issue by connecting people with their creative energies and channeling their passion/spirit into sending out positive vibes to others. Through the blind exchanging mechanism of creating work - minting $Soul - burning $Soul - and receiving others' NFT, creators can hopefully develop an appreciation and form a deeper connection with others. Soul Star can be implemented in any creator-led Discord community. Collectors who mint the blueprint NFT will be invited to join the creative circle and become shareholders once the project is launched. The funds received will be used entirely for the technical production of this project.
Shu Zhu
Ash Valley is a transmedia narrative project created by filmmaker duo Shu Zhu and G Wilson. In a decaying oil field in a Post-Soviet state, the crashing of a meteor causes strange mutations within the local ecosystem and nightmarish hallucinations among its residents. The Ash Valley narrative ecosystem will be composed of a series of NFT drops, a feature film, and a VR immersive experience, where collectors can discover, experience and partake in the mythos of Ash Valley across multiple mediums, IRL, and in the metaverse.  All funds generated will go towards the creation of Ash Valley. All genesis holders will be rewarded with future perks.
BRUX aka Liz Maniscalco
Green' is a track I started in 2017 - it's a special one that has evolved over time and now more than ever makes so much sense to me...'Green' explores the themes of jealousy and competition - "us" against "them", between humans and AI. The surge of web3 art has really got me thinking about our relationship with technology and the power it has over us. I've taken on the role of an AI questioning the trust of a human instead of the reverse - "I don't wanna be your friend, who do you represent?"
Dicky Jr
"A series of Living(animated) patterns exploring imagined histories/connections. The evolving series will cover various contemporary topics from across the human experience. Each piece will be a unique 1/1 animated loop with each piece connected to the whole using shapes, patterns, symbols, colours and stories associated with Africa and her history! The first batch of 9 will explore foundational or fun ideas and concepts related to web3/crypto. All through the lens of living patterns."
Chaos & Vibes describes my experience creating this piece. What started as a well-thought-out plan to introduce my universe quickly descended into madness when I had two failed renders approaching the deadline for my FWB fellowship project. With the walls closing in, I had two choices, don't do anything or lean into the chaos and create something from this experience. So, journey with me into irony as I blissfully surf through my chaotic subconscious. Music by Josiah the Gift Created on Cinema 4D and Premiere Pro.
Kaleena Zanders
This is a part of a series of songs I will be releasing in this space. I have a strong affinity for chill laid back music. It's like the music people listen to on youtube or Spotify used for studying or working. I wanted to add my own little twist to it by adding my voice and love story.
Lauren Washington
LOVERSE is my budding cinematic universe as lomedia. This is the proof of concept of my DAO as an artist. I'm building my decentralized network + team + studio around myself with support from MAXIVERSE DAO and other ecosystems. Web3 has propelled me to imagine and dream of what just 'being' an artist looks like for myself. This is a manifestation of that and an example + piece of the puzzle for the road I hope to pave for other artists via V01D DAO & hopefully other DAOs like FWB through cross collaboration.
Sonora (Dalia) Luna
Luminaries is an exploration of the two brightest celestial bodies in the heavens, the sun and the moon; while one rules the ego, the other rules the soul, and they both provide us a source of light.
princesa 7 / saraí
I started to compose the song "Me on me" in 2018, after I dreamt about & freestyled the chords. I developed the track over the next couple of years, until I finalized it in 2020. For the next two years, I waited until the time was right, & then I decided to produce & record the fully composed track & release it, with the help of FWB & Catalog, as my debut single. This project is my genesis music NFT.
"She looked all over the ends of the universe to find this place. A place that brings her solace and closer to her roots." __ I initially had a different idea in mind for this project, but I guess you could say I had to go with my gut 😅 I started this piece as an outlet to express my grief and in the end, I feel like I transmuted my grief into solace.