Greg Bresnitz is the New Mayor of FWB
FWB Staff

Thu Dec 07 2023

The long-time FWB contributor, author, producer, and senior-level growth strategist shares his vision for the future of our DAO.

After a swift and unanimous decision by FWB’s Community Council, Greg Bresnitz has been voted in as the new Mayor for FWB.

Greg's top-level vision is to ensure FWB remains a leader in the industry as THE web3 social convenor, and as the go-to bridge for brands and companies looking to enter the larger blockchain world.

As he steps into the role, Greg’s immediate focus will be on enhancing community engagement and membership, seamlessly integrating the Council into operations, expanding the ways in which people interact with FWB, forging major brand partnerships to ensure sustainability, launching FEST 2024, and establishing our DAO as the primary platform for thought leadership in the blockchain space and the definitive collaborator for brands transitioning from web2 to web3.

In the below Q&A, Greg elaborates on his vision for FWB—including key opportunities and areas of focus for the DAO’s year ahead. More info on Greg’s background is included at the end of the interview.


What made you decide to step into the ring and propose yourself as a candidate for FWB Mayor?

As a dedicated part of FWB for over two years, my journey from DAO member to Core Team contributor has been marked by significant leadership in key areas such as Partnerships, Cities, Events, and FEST. My deep involvement has afforded me a comprehensive understanding of our processes, objectives, and the factors that drive our success. In our recent discussions about the ideal qualities for a new Mayor, it became increasingly clear to me that my experience, insights and deep commitment to our community align perfectly with this role.

Moreover, my experience at the bleeding-edge of various cultural domains has equipped me with the skills to bring structure to complex chaotic environments. I am a firm believer in the power of web3 as a revolutionary force for the creative community. It's evident that the traditional systems have failed to equitably reward those who contribute the most cultural value. My passion for blockchain technology stems from its potential, especially when integrated with other emerging technologies, to rectify these imbalances and offer tangible solutions. This belief motivates my continued dedication to exploring and implementing innovative strategies that benefit our community and beyond.

We have a new community-elected, five-seat Council that was in charge of selecting FWB’s new Mayor. How did this process unfold?

The establishment of the Council was a strategic move that adeptly addressed two critical needs of FWB: firstly, the creation of a leadership body dedicated to championing our community's interests, and secondly, the appointment of a full-time individual focused on managing the DAO and ensuring its long-term sustainability.

With the introduction of this new governance structure, I was immensely impressed by our community's decision to elect five exceptionally smart, thoughtful people to the Council. Presenting my vision to them on a Friday afternoon was another confirmation we have the right group, who asks the tough questions. After we met to discuss my candidacy, I was filled with a mix of anticipation, nerves, and excitement. It was a challenge to present my ideas to a group of esteemed peers, but the experience was overwhelmingly positive. My presentation candidly addressed the challenges our DAO faces, framing them as solvable issues that I am confident we can tackle effectively. The Council resonated with my approach and, to my gratification, unanimously endorsed my appointment by the following Monday.

While the appointment process seemed straightforward, the journey to this point was anything but simple. It involved numerous discussions, diligent work, and a learning curve that was both demanding and enriching. I extend my profound respect to Drew Coffman and Izzy Ocampo for their exceptional guidance and management throughout this process. Their efforts were instrumental in steering us to this outcome.

How do you see your background helping you to lead FWB? Which experiences in particular set you up for success in the role?

Throughout my career, I’ve been at the forefront of blending avant-garde culture with revenue generation. My journey began at VICE, where I served as the Head of Events. This role was a delicate balance of attracting third-party marketing investments while engaging in vibrant, culturally significant projects. It was here that I gained invaluable insights into discerning beneficial financial opportunities from those that might not align with our core values.

My career then progressed to Ace Hotel, where I was instrumental in establishing and leading five key departments: Programming, Partnerships, Sponsorships, Venues, and Global Business Development. My tenure at Ace Hotel was a transformative experience, where I developed a unique approach to leveraging public culture as a catalyst for private revenue generation. This experience was eye-opening, demonstrating how a cultural powerhouse like Ace could also be a thriving business entity.

Simultaneously, I ventured into entrepreneurship, running my own company with my twin brother. We organized parties, DJed, worked with tons of brands, and produced an award-winning podcast that evolved into an award-winning book. Additionally, I ventured into television, producing and booking a music / cooking show for a cable network.

With the onset of the pandemic, I pivoted to the web3 space, an industry I find particularly exhilarating. I thrive in “0 to 1” scenarios, where I can bring order to the inherent chaos of nascent ventures while fostering their growth. My belief has always been that creativity flourishes under constraints, and building something substantial requires a solid yet flexible foundation. This doesn't imply rigidity, but an understanding that while certain aspects are constants, others are open to innovation and discussion.

As you take over as Mayor, what will feel uniquely different about FWB? How will you approach the role in a new way?

Over the past two years, working closely with [FWB’s past Mayor, Alex] Zhang has been an enlightening experience. His role in shaping and evolving FWB has been challenging, given the absence of a clear roadmap and the still-evolving nature of the legal and conceptual frameworks for DAOs. Zhang's insights, particularly highlighted in his interview, "A Mayor Looks Back," shed light on the complexities of his position.

As I take over as Mayor, a primary focus will be to enhance our sense of team spirit. My approach to building is inherently collaborative, underscored by a strong commitment to stakeholder engagement. Danny Meyer's Setting the Table has been a transformative read for me, reshaping my understanding of team dynamics. In hospitality, while the adage “the customer is always right” prevails, Meyer advocates for prioritizing the team in order to take better care of the clientele. This philosophy resonates with me, especially in the context of FWB, where our “customer” is primarily the DAO itself.

Aligning our community and Core Team has historically been a challenge, which is a key reason why the Council was elected. A main objective for me is to foster greater collaboration within our community, balancing this with the necessity of making tough decisions. Striking this balance is crucial, and I am committed to getting it right.

Another notable aspect of my approach is that I am very, very online. Usually anyone can get a hold of me within 24 hours, and I’m always open to dialogue with those who approach me, and open to considering different perspectives (as long as they are well-intentioned). I don’t claim to have all the answers, and I welcome well-reasoned discourse for change.

Collaboration is a cornerstone of my ethos, which is why I embraced the role at FWB. With thousands of people in our squad, there is a wealth of opportunity for mutual learning and working together. One of FWB's strengths is our governance model, which encourages robust debate before decision-making. This process ensures that all voices are heard, leading to well-considered proposals. I firmly believe that building in public, with community input at the core, is an exceptional approach to advancing innovative ideas.

Can you share some insights on the top initiatives you’re looking to spearhead during your first few months as Mayor?

At the forefront of our agenda is bolstering community involvement and membership. Our member base is rich in diversity and talent, yet many remain under-engaged. Addressing this is a priority. I am also keenly focused on integrating the Council more seamlessly into our day-to-day operations. Since their induction last month, collaborating with Lia, Phelps, Nicole, Maya, and Erikson has been a refreshing experience, with vast potential for how Core works with the larger community.

A significant upcoming initiative will be fostering a harmonious relationship between FWB as a DAO and the software c-corp, led by Jose—the plans for which will be announced in more detail soon.

I’m also highly focused on ensuring that our third iteration of FEST will be the strongest one yet, and a true platform for the wider industry. We already have commitments from partners to support next year’s efforts, with a number of last year's supporters coming on in bigger roles. We’re looking to establish a new web3 gaming track (one of the brightest stars in blockchain overall) and to do a pre-FEST Sun Valley-esque day where we gather community leaders together to discuss the future of our industry. Anyone who wants to work with us on this is encouraged to slide into my DMs.

Additionally, forging large-scale partnerships and collaborations with major brands is essential for our DAO's sustainability and overall brand strength. FWB stands as a pivotal connector among individuals, teams, and brands driving the web3 space forward. As blockchain's utility continues to grow, the importance of partnering for ideation and activation becomes increasingly vital.

My vision is for FWB to become the go-to guide for brands and companies transitioning from web2 to web3. We aim to be their first, last, and only point of call in this journey.

Finally, FWB's strength lies in its ability to bring together the wider web3 industry, a fact that our programming at FEST over the past year has clearly demonstrated. It's important to note that within each partnering company, there's often someone who is also a member of our community. Considering that our industry is still quite distant from a competitive stage, it's essential for FWB to act as a platform for sharing and promoting the visions and aspirations of others, which is integral to our collective success.

Is there anything that makes you nervous to step into the role of Mayor? Or are you simply excited and ready to get to work?

The experience of being at the helm is somewhat new to me, so I anticipate there will be unexpected challenges that might disrupt my day, or even an entire week. However, the beauty of my situation is the wealth of expertise within our network. I've always found FWB, and the web3 space in general, to be a nurturing environment for learning. I'm not ashamed of the gaps in my knowledge. While I possess insights that others may not, I have no intention of navigating this journey alone, or blindly.

I feel a profound sense of duty towards our DAO and its community members. Recently, someone asked me, “Who's your boss?” My response was clear: “The DAO is my boss. I am accountable to 5,000 people.”

Any apprehension about taking on this role stems from the understanding that our path to success will involve navigating the inherent fluctuations of web3 and cryptocurrency together. Yet, this challenge also fuels my excitement. I have a genuine affection for the FWB community as that is where I started. Looking ahead to the next bull market, I envision FWB as a pioneering force in this evolving landscape. We excel in building platforms and are brimming with innovative ideas. This positions us to play a significant role in shaping the industry, influencing how culture and creativity unfold in this new digital era.

The above Q&A was edited for clarity by Willa Köerner.

More on Greg Bresnitz

Greg Bresnitz got his start as an FWB member by co-presenting A Song That Owns Itself with musician Boreta and the New Computer Corporation during Coffee Time, FWB’s weekly show featuring projects and guests from across web3. After that, he quickly became immersed in the Discord, and found himself fascinated by the magic of FWB. Fast forward to today, when Greg has been a member of our Core Team for over two years, making huge contributions to our Events, Partnerships, and Cities programs, as well as co-founding our unparalleled new-internet gathering, FWB FEST.

Professionally, Greg has deep roots working between culture, community, and commerce. His career took off at Fader Magazine in New York, and led him to take on pioneering roles leading events, programming, business development, and growth strategy at places like VICE, Ace Hotel, and most recently, the web3 company New Computer Corporation, who just recently launched the Run The Jewels on-chain fanclub. A creator himself, Greg co-hosted the notable podcast "Snacky Tunes” for a decade with his twin brother—which culminated in an award-winning book of the same name, published by Phaidon in 2020.

Greg has become an active proponent of DAOs, and his involvement with other decentralized organizations such as Chainforest, Myosin, JUMP, and Safary has expanded his expertise in branding and positioning within the tech sphere.