Open Opportunities

Contribute to the FWB DAO

As we build the future of Web3 together, there are many ways to engage with FWB on a deeper level—either as a member or contributor. Collaborating with FWB isn't like working for a traditional company. As a non-hierarchical organization, everything we do relies on active participation and community buy-in. All members have the opportunity to get involved with the DAO's governance, weigh in on existing projects, spin up creative proposals for the DAO to vote on, and receive funding for community-approved projects.

Taking it a step further, contributors are compensated for their dedicated work to help steward the DAO's ongoing initiatives and operations. Funded opportunities arise in harmony with the group's needs to help take our projects further, and vary based on the DAO's evolving priorities.

Each Season, FWB also hosts open calls for Cultural Contributors—including grantees, fellows, and artists-in-residence.