FWB Design Relations Lead

STATUS: Part-Time

Friends with Benefits is the ultimate cultural membership powered by a community of our favorite Web3 creatives, artists, and thinkers.

By holding $FWB tokens, you not only get access to major benefits from exclusive events, content, and community, but you are also literally invested in the community’s success, participating in the upside of the value we create together.

FWB is the leading cultural DAO with over 2000 community members around the world.

Role Description:

The Design Relations lead will collaborate with creative designers and producers within the FWB ecosystem to match them to opportunities both within the DAO and externally.

The biggest challenge DAOs face as it relates to contribution is matching skilled contributors with the right opportunities within a DAO.

More specifically, as it relates to creatives and artists who are looking to contribute to web3, the barrier to entry from an education and resource perspective is still too high. Thus, an artist relations lead is critical in helping identify, nurture, and bring traditional creatives into web3 within a structure that is fundamentally supportive to artists by proxy of a token exchange and equity accrual.

Those creatives include but are not limited to animators, designers, graphic artists, motion, product design, and more.

The FWB Artist Relations lead will play a critical role in establishing and forming the artist relations team which will function as a beacon for creatives who are seeking to break into web3 but are unsure of where to start through contribution roles across the FWB DAO and more.

In the future, this department or team that is built could branch out as an official sub-DAO of FWB, with its own governance structures, branding, and objectives to create a headless design unit that challenges the notion of the agency today.


  • Collaborate with Team Leads to determine evergreen design and graphic needs
  • Help further implement and evolve our existing FWB Design Brand Guidelines
  • Establish and nurture Design Relations team, a small advisory team of credible and established designers and creatives who can help steward this initiative.
  • Establish and nurture Art Department, a larger pool and cohort of community designers who are trusted and can collaborate on FWB + FWB adjacent graphic and design needs ranging from event flyers, Editorial graphic drops, and more.
  • Manage pipeline of artists and creatives that are seeking opportunities within FWB
  • Hosting FWB programming, workshops, and sessions to further share education and opportunities for creatives to get involved
  • Develop community inbound and outbound strategies to attract talented creatives to participate in FWB


  • Determinant on part time or full time capacity, and prior experience
  • FWB Tokens and / or USDC
If you are interested in this role, please say hi!contribute@fwb.help