FWB Curator

STATUS: Part-Time

Friends with Benefits is the ultimate cultural membership powered by a community of our favorite Web3 creatives, artists, and thinkers.

By holding $FWB tokens, you not only get access to major benefits from exclusive events, content, and community, but you are also literally invested in the community’s success, participating in the upside of the value we create together.

FWB is the leading cultural DAO with over 2000 community members around the world.

Role Description:

An FWB Curator will focus on curation and artist relations to be hosted at the FWB Gallery.

The power of the FWB community is our curation and taste-making abilities, as a collective. We've witnessed the power and responsibility that comes from our influential community of early adopters and its capacity to market make, and we believe its time to build a strategy to fully wield that power.

The objective is simple; how do we use the FWB Gallery to showcase important artists of our generation while also highlighting and backing up and coming artists from within the community? How do we increase quality and quantity of output through the FWB Gallery, but in a way aligned with the taste of our community?

Initiatives and provocations include:

  1. How do we better harness the NFT-general or alpha channel to identify and feature up and coming artists that the community backs? The Gallery is as much an auction platform as it is an ability to story tell through the Gallery's world building capacities.
  2. How do we leverage the social and financial mechanics that the $FWB social token provides for better curatorial and promotion / marketing of NFT artists?



  • Establish curatorial guidelines that the community can reference as a general source of truth (can be broad and over time, but a helpful place for you and a community to work off of)
  • Identify exciting artists and NFT projects that exemplify those guidelines
  • Tell a strong story as to why the larger ecosystem should back an artist or project
  • Build relationships with artist to continue to remain a leader as an artist first community
  • Establish an avenue where community members can follow curatorial guidelines to submit projects for review.

Project Management

  • Manage pipeline of artists in conversation with
  • Hosting programming both in and outside of the community

People Management

  • Collaborate and be an early core contributor / member in the formation of the FWB NFT sub DAO as those will be your key stakeholders
  • As output and demand begins to grow, Curator will work with FWB DAO to unlock additional budgets to bring on additional operational and artist relationship support so Curator can focus on strategy and curating.
If you are interested in this role, please say hi!contribute@fwb.help