Since the start of FWB, the amount of great ideas from this community have always outweighed the direct opportunities to contribute. On August 29th, this changes.

Now introducing the inaugural FWB Hackathon for our Web3 community to unleash our creative liberties and build cool shit, alongside people we love. All skill levels are welcome. Let's build this together.

Featuring Judges

Musical Guest / MC

Opium Hum

Musical Guest

Teen Daze

Here's how it's going down:

  • The Hackathon starts at 2pm EST, August 29th.
  • Deliverables are due 8pm EST, August 29th.
  • Three winning teams will be selected and awarded funding to build their proposed project alongside the FWB Product team.
  • At the end of your build, each winning team will have a chance to present to the entire FWB community in a town hall and the community will vote on 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
  • Each team must have a team lead that is holding $FWB
  • You can only be a member of 1 team
  • FWB will help you join a team if you aren't joining with a pre-formed team.
  • As we're friends with benefits, the prompt for the hackathon will be: Design an FWB member benefit that any token hodler of our beloved $FWB can access.
  • And yes, there will be prizes 🤫